Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumns mellow Days

Well Autumn is well and truely upon us and the constant battle with the falling leaves has started.. I do love this time of year , the smells and the colours and even the damp air are all sign of nature shutting down and pulling the duvet over herself!

The one thing I do not welcome about this time of year it the seeds and the sticky buds which seem to contantly tangle in Henry the Blue Roan Spaniels coat. He goes off on adventures down the orchard and invaribly comes back a mass of burrs, buds and twigs. I should really have him clipped short but being the softy that I am think he might feel the cold!! Woody the Retreiver continues to terrorise and bully him at every opportunity and despite being "done" his testosterone levels for a 1 year old dog are a bit of a nightmare. We do not let them both our together these days as they dissapear on pheasant hunting missions, usually to the next parish! So we have to keep one in whilst the other is out with leads to many black looks and heavy sighs.

Daughter Rachel is home from her year long trip teaching in China and is now looking for a job like, it seems, every other graduate in the Country. She went to an intervew in Oxford last week for a Publishing Company ( her dream job) but didn't get to second intervew. Apparently all those they took through had Masters in Publishing from Oxford. So the words "Cat in Hells" came to mind. Yesterday was her 23 birthday and her and I went to Hull New Theatre to see "Blood Brothers" ....what a treat that was we absolutley loved it and sat there with a box of fruit gums ( A going to the theatre tradition in our house!) and reminised about the first time we took her to the theatre 21 years ago. We went to see Postman Pat for her 2nd birthday. Happy Memories!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Busy Busy Time

So we are in the midst of our busiest time of the year and all us accommodation providers run on adrenoline! The days seem long and the nights very very short. It is at this time we look forward to later in the year when we might be able to escape.

Husband Tim has recently returned to a job in farming working for a local contractor he absolutley loves it but the hours at this time of the year are really really long as are mine with the B&B. To have something to look forward to we have booked 2 weeks in Cyprus in a little Villa just made for 2 for later October. We are both counting the days!!

On another note my wonderful right hand woman ,Sheila who helps me run things announced she has been with us 10 years this week. I can't beleive where that time has gone. It is her birthday this weekend ,bless her she is working as it is Bank Holiday so I am just off to buy he a huge pressie and a big bouquet of flowers. Sheila bless her is the reason I am sane!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

October s Wedding Fayre

Well things are really moving now with the wedding fayre in October. Get everyone on board except Greenwoods Mensweat who don't seem to be capable of replying to e mails or messages. Even spoken to their head office and they are supposed to be on the case. Heard nothiong!! Twittering and Facebooking is really paying off as we are getting so many contacts from the Wedding Industry and some relly unusual businesses out there that ,hopefully we can all work together. The advertising for the weekend is coming together and I have negotiated a deal with the Holderness Heartbeat they have a print run of 13,000 in Holderness ( obviously!) and the magazine is free to all these households so looks like a really good bet!! Now to get the flyers printed and then we are off!!
[Enter Post Title Here]

Aldbrough East Yorkshire HU11 4RB
Telephone 01964 527724
Luxury Accommodation with 8 Lovely En-suite Rooms
A very special venue in East Yorkshire for
your bespoke Wedding or Party

Invites you to their
Charity Wedding Fayre Weekend
15th & 16th October 2011
Saturday 11.00pm until 4.00pm
Sunday 12 noon until 4.00pm
 Fashion show by Eliza’s Closet It’s All about the Dress and Greenwood’s Menswear 1.00pm and 3.00pm each day.

Everything for your special day all under one roof. Florists, Photographers, Music, Caterers, Cakes, Chocolatier, Cars Jewellery, Hats and Shoes, Bar, Disco, Entertainers

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Henry! Chief Meeter and Greeter on duty!!

Took this out of the kitchen window this is Henry doing his main job of meeting and greeting!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The New Camera

.........has arrived and having played with it and got nothing done in the last 2 days I am absolutley delighted with it!! sample photos here!!! So be prepared for lots for on this blog!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Camera!!

I am so excited today my wonderful husband Tim has bought me a new camera! I am moving on from a compact digital to a "Bridge" camera. I do enjoy photographs and I have 1000's stored on various external hard drives. So expect some arty farty ones from now on. This is one of our wonderful sunset I took last night with my existing camera.!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bigger Trees at Warter!

There is alot of excitment in Hull at the moment as we have David Hockneys " Big Trees at Warter" being exhibited it is a huge painting and took alot of hanging!! So you could come  and stay with us and go see the painting at Ferens Art Gallery in Hull and then go see the place it was painted at Warter its only a 45 minute drive from here!! All in all a great day out!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Our first Blog!!

Welcome to our first official "blog" I hope you enjoy reading all about what we are up to and that you will "follow " us to get all our latest news and special offers.

Today has been a hectic day besides the usual cleaning and getting ready for guests I needed to get the grass cut before the rain that is forecast decides to make an appearance. This weekend will be our 4th Wedding this year and the giant Teepees are arriving on Thursday ready for Steph and Sams wedding on Saturday.  They will be getting married in Beverley and then everyone is back here for the big party. Our weddings are legendary and they have been known to go on until 4.00am good job we have no immediate neighbours... Also don't worry the house is only let to wedding guests when we are hosting a wedding. The Teepees are really something else we have had them here before. I will post more photos later in the week when things are really taking shape.

New Blog

Just Testing

Monday, 4 July 2011

Phew what a scorcher!!

 Christening went really well I am now offically exhausted!! ;) party on Friday night ,friends here for a barby last night and working all day today. I need to sit somewhere cool with a large glass of Sav Blanc!!